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About Me

As a natural-born explorer, experimenter, and adventurer, I’ve always been driven by a deep curiosity for unraveling the inner workings of things. From a young age, I dismantled and rebuilt machinery to understand the mechanics behind them, a skill that has proven invaluable in my offgrid journey.

My path diverged from traditional schooling due to my dyslexia, leading me to seek knowledge in the world around me. It was through the challenges and practical experiences of building and managing various off-grid ventures that I discovered my true passion and purpose.

My offgrid lifestyle has honed my ability to see the bigger picture and devise the necessary steps to turn ideas into thriving, self-sufficient realities. I thrive on exploring new possibilities, both in offgrid living and in life, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunities that the future holds for me in the world of self-sustainability and wilderness adventures.

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Don’t just dream, do.

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